House Of Passion.

What do i need you for
if i have wings to fly.

Vintage is the new modern.

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The adorable messages my boyfriend sends me on FB. I have never in my life seen a man love a woman the way you love me. You make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I love you so much! @diholo #soulmate #bestfriend #romantic #inlove #happy  #thankful.

When you wake to your favorite song. Lmao

Never get it mixed up!

Take responsibility | Take Action

#flowers #colors #happy
Go out there and create your own. And in the end if you find yourself stuck  having a regular job that brings you no value to your life….that isn’t success. At that point your just a robot to society.
Teach yourself not to judge others.
I. D O N T. A S S O C I A T E. W I T H. Q U I T T E R S.